Your arrival time for the boat-in trips starts on Friday at 3 PM and your departure time is Friday by 10AM. Your trip starts and ends at the Ivanhoe River Inn at the Northern end of Ivanhoe Lake. Please remember your Friday arrival day is busy with Fly-In guests and we need you to be patient until we can work with your party. Let us know in the office when you arrive and we will contact your party ASAP for your check in.

MOVE IN DAY: Prior to departing from the seaplane base insure you were given the keys to your rental cabin. When you arrive at your destination camp, please check the cabin for cleanliness. Parties should also check the equipment in the cabin (dishes/posts/pans etc). 
The office staff will also check you and your group out on the equipment and ensure that at least 1 person is familiar with the propane equipment and re-lighting procedures if you have to change a bottle. We like to have the whole party available to go over the outboard motors and parties should pay close attention to these details. As it often happens people are so excited to go fishing they do not get a proper checkout on the motors and are left in the middle of the lake because they did not follow procedures.

MOVE OUT DAY: We encourage parties to return to the Ivanhoe River Inn for 10AM checkout. Remember it is your responsibility to ensure that the cabin including the fridge/stove etc is clean. This should take very little time and most parties are fine. All good fisherman/hunters will be happy to clean up after themselves or so we believe. If there is any equipment not working, please tell the office staff, and we can correct the problem. If no one says anything the next party inherits the problem. Please return the cabin keys to the office staff. Excess fuel can be returned to the seaplane base and refunded.

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: If an emergency happens while you are in a boat in location, we recommend that you put the injured person in a boat and come out to the main lodge. For after hours, we live in the main lodge (upstairs at the end of the porch), we can either call an ambulance or give you your vehicle keys and you can take the injured party to a hospital yourself. Most of the non-threatening problems are hooks in hands/heads etc and if this is the issue then coming to the lodge during daylight is recommended.

WHAT TO BRING: For a great vacation! Food, sleeping bags, your PFD if you wear one while in a boat/if not we supply an adult key hole approved life vest if renting 1 of our Boats, towels and dish towels, flashlight, insect repellant, axe, garbage bags, extra rope, kitchen cleaners (dish soap/scrub pads/oven cleaner, etc.) toilet paper, first aid kit, camera, matches/lighter, rain gear, rubbing alcohol (for bites), mosquito coils, light colored clothing and head nets for the bug season. Most parties over pack and bring, more than they need. Also delegate someone to bring an axe for cabin heat. Also from personal experience, groups seem to lack good raingear and under pack clothing in the spring and fall and over pack clothing in the summer.

WATER: The government will not test surface water in the province, so therefore there is no recommendation from the government or our company to drink the water from the lake (imagine the liability), so therefore what are the options: You could boil and filter it and then refrigerate, use the tablets or pump kits that are available at most sporting good stores. The option I like is to bring a few very clean 5-gallon pails (stored with stuff going in) and a cotton sheet or coffee filters. When you arrive at your lake take a clean pail and cover the top with a cotton sheet (maybe fold over a few times), and then drop 5 gallons of lake water through the cotton, or filter through a coffee filter. You have just done a rudimentary job of filtering the water. Now if you or your family have Clorox/Javex by the washing machine bring maximum pint of this. After you have filtered the water, then drop 3-4 drops of Javex/Clorox into the water and presto you have filtered/chlorinated water. This water will still have a yellow tinge but should be drinkable. Please note that if it sits overnight in a bucket the Clorox/Javex will dissipate and you should add more Javex/Clorox. There are pails at the camps and we recommend that you clean a few for water. I cannot emphasize to you that this will be 100% effective nor do we want to assume the liability of you getting sick drinking the water. These are options for your thought only. Personally I drink the water right out of the lake, but I cannot tell you to do this. Please Note: We sell 5-gallon jugs of water from a Culligan supplier at reasonable prices. We can also supply you with well water from the lodge if you have your own containers (no charge and tested water).

WEIGHT LIMIT: The only requirement on weight is how many persons and how much weight you can put in a boat to stay legal with the Canadian Coast guard. Each boat has a data plate telling you your total passengers and weight limit.

FISHING: Ivanhoe Lake and the adjoining river system offers excellent Northern Pike, Walleye and Perch fishing. This system from our dock to the rapids is 25 miles long and will take even the experienced fisherman a few days to learn. From May through September the Walleye and Northern Pike are active and the Perch fishing is prime from July-September. Prime bait for Walleye is jigs with minnows and for Perch jigs with worms. Please make sure you have adequate bait for the Walleye and Perch. We also have a tackle list in our general information.

BOATS & MOTORS: If renting our boats & motors for your boat in trip, we supply either a 14 or 16 ft Lund and 15 HP Yamaha motor and they are comfortable for 2-3 persons and come equipped with swivel boat seats, landing net, minnow bucket, anchor & rope, safety kit, Keyhole life preservers (regular adult sizes only), paddles and bailing can. The only items not furnished in the boats are portable depth finders and PFDs (Personal floatation Devices). If you have children or oversized adults please bring a life jackets that fit them. You are not required by law to wear a life jacket, however it must be in the boat, so for adults if you do not wear a lifejacket in a boat our keyhole life vests are adequate, however they are uncomfortable to wear if fishing. We can supply extra boats and motors as necessary for parties or they can bring their own extra boats and motors. Please let us know if you are planning on renting any extra boats and motors supplied by us. We sell extra fuel in jerry cans to take up the river and whatever you do not burn we will reimburse you. The lake and river system are easily navigable and have few obstructions so it is comfortable for you to bring your own boat and we supply maps showing the few hidden obstructions and prime fishing locations.

GARBAGE: Please bring adequate garbage bags of a good quality to bring out your trash. Please bring out all plastic/glass/tinfoil etc. so we can dispose of at a dumpsite. Paper products can be burned in the wood stove or outside, providing there are no fire restrictions in place at the time. Canadian beer cans and bottles should be returned to their original containers and should be kept dry. All trash like fish entrails/food waste can be left on the shore at least 1 mile from the camp (preferably across the lake), and should never be thrown in the lake or burnt in the fire pit. We see parties with huge amounts of trash and other parties with very little trash. Please remember cardboard/paper products can be burnt, and garbage that can decompose should be discarded. At the end of your stay, anything that you elect to leave behind should be put in a box and offered to the staff at the lodge. If staff  know its fresh it may get used, but if a staff find jars of things in the fridge, it is usually considered trash. We like to have our cabins left with no souvenirs from the previous groups and would assume that they are left like a hotel room or cottage that has been properly cleaned.

SIGN OF A GOOD SPORTSMAN: A good sportsman will always abide by laws of the forest and fish and game act. He/She will also leave a tidy cabin//Boats & Motors, for the next group. Good sportsmen will treat all rental equipment as their own and if there are problems with the camp or equipment will let us know. We endeavor as good sportsmen to treat all members of their group and all individuals they encounter on their journey through life with the utmost respect. They will also treat the animals and fish that they are not planning on consuming with due diligence on maintaining their ability to survive.

WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Wilderness recreation is not without risk. There are few or no roads penetrating the wilderness areas we operate in. All guests should be aware of inherent risks associated with a wilderness experience. Ex: operation of mechanical equipment including Boats & Motors/Walking & Hiking/Weather etc. It is your responsibility as a guest to ensure that you are participating in an appropriate fashion. There are few incidents in the wilderness but a disproportionate # of incidences are related to alcohol and bad weather (wind/lightning etc).

We hope that these tips and helpful reminders will make your vacation a fantastic experience and that once is not enough, and you will be back.

We have also for the first time posted this information on the website and if there are ideas to add to this, please let us know.

George, Jeanne, & Joel Theriault and the more than 20 staff that help us make your dreams come true.