Fish Limit and Size Chart 2013


Regarding fishing licenses fees and Limits for 2013 for ZONE 7 & 8


We have included the license prices. These prices include all taxes and issuing fees. Prices are quoted in Canadian Funds.

For U.S customers: to get an approximate U.S $ rate, The US $ is at par with the Canadian Dollar (at this time/ Mar 11, 2013)


• For example:

8 Day No Resident Sport Fishing Licence is $51.28 Canadian.

8 Day Non Resident Conservation Fishing Licence is $29.40 Canadian

All Fisherman are required to have an Outdoors Card, which is valid for 3 calendar years and cost $9.68

So if you need an outdoors card and a full limit of fish the 8 day Non Resident fee would be $9.68 + $51.28 for a fee of $60.96


All U.S hunters must show proof of hunting experience. An old license is required or a Hunting outdoors card.


• 8 Day or Annual Fishing License: 4 Walleye, 6 Northern Pike, 50 Perch, 3 Lake Trout, 5 Brook Trout, 25, Whitefish, 6 Smallmouth Bass.


• 8 Day or Annual Conservation Fishing License: 2 Walleye, 2 Northern Pike, 25 Perch, 1 Lake Trout, 2 Brook Trout, 12 Whitefish, 2 Smallmouth Bass.


The only “problem” with the conservation license is that you cannot keep a Northern Pike over 33.9”. If you plan to take home a trophy, you need to purchase a basic license.





Fishing License Limit:

S = Sport Fishing Licence. C = Conservation Fishing Licence


ZONE 7 & 8

Walleye & Sauger or any combination

Jan.1 to April 14 & (3rd Sat. in May) to Dec. 31

S- 4 in one day

Size limit: 3 Under 18.1” and 1 over 18.1”

C- 2 in one day

Size limit: 1 Under 18.1” and 1 over 18.1”

Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass or any combination

Open all year

S- 6 in one day

C- 2 in one day

Northern Pike

Open all year

S- 6 in one day

Size limit: only 2 greater than 61cm (24”) of which only 1 may be greater than 86cm (33.9”) in length.

C- 2 in one day

Size limit: only 1 greater than 61cm (24”) and zero greater than 86cm (33.9”) in length.

Lake Trout

Jan. 1 to Sept. 30

S- 3 in one day

C- 1 in one day

Yellow Perch

Open all year

S- 50 in possession

C- 25 in possession


Open all year

S- 25 in one year

C- 12 in one day

Brook Trout

Jan. l to Sept. 15

S- 5 in one day

C- 2 in one day