REVISED Mar 15, 2013

Fisherman: Live bait is recommended for walleye, minnows in spring and fall, and night crawlers in July and August. Minnows and night crawlers are available at our store on Ivanhoe Lake and can also be dropped off midweek to our fly in cottages. Only Ontario residents are permitted to bring a small minnow seine net and minnow traps. Ontario children under 18 years old do not need a fishing license. (You must have a copy of the youth’s Birth Certificate with you.)  All Non-resident children under 18 years old accompanied by an adult who has a valid Ontario fishing license are not required to purchase a license, however they are fishing under the adults limit of fish. If the child under 18 would like his/her own limit of fish they have the right to purchase a license.

RESTAURANT HOURS: The restaurant is open to everyone, Thursday from 5 PM to 9 PM, Friday from 6:30AM-9PM, Saturday from 6:30AM –9PM, and Sunday from 6:30 AM-2 PM.  Monday to Wednesday the restaurant is closed.  We have a license to serve alcohol and it is open from 11 AM until closing. Alcoholic beverages can be consumed in specific areas of the lodge, and on the deck. No alcohol consumption is permitted in the parking lot, on the dock, or on the lawn area.  Please do not bring your alcohol into the licensed lounge. This is against the law. Also please remember that although we have a liquor license we close early, since our prime focus on our business is running an airline. This can co-exist together, however we are up early and working at getting our aircraft into the air for your vacation.

EMERGENCY PHONE (MAJOR ONLY):  Family should have our phone number in case there is a major problem at home and you have to be there. All group members should have the number 1-800-955-2951. If they call after 10 PM we will eventually answer the phone. During the day someone should answer immediately. Please note that if you are required to depart early from your vacation this is fine, but please remember how many vehicles you have and it may be necessary for the whole party to go home if you only have 1 vehicle. If it is early in the week there is airline service from Timmins.  If it is a non-emergency and you need a message delivered to someone at a remote camp then there will be charges for the flight of $500. So please ensure that people will not call unless it is urgent that you go home. If you need to communicate with work while at a remote vacation site then please rent or bring your own Satellite phone. Cell phones DO NOT WORK!!!.

FISH & GAME ACT: While fishing or hunting, each adult must have a valid license in his or her possession. It is an offence to have in your possession more than the legal limit of fish or game allowed per license. (This includes in your boat/cabin etc.) It is also an offence to allow fish or game to spoil. Be sure that you know what the limits are for the license in your possession. Enforcement officers will patrol using trails and aircraft.

FOREST FIRE PREVENTION ACT: It is an offence to leave a campfire unattended, smoke while walking or working in the woods, start an open fire in a Restricted Fire Zone, ignite fireworks without a permit & failure to fully extinguish a fire before leaving it.  It is your responsibility to ensure that fires are properly extinguished and if a forest fire results from your negligence, you can be held financially responsible.

PUBLIC LANDS ACT: It is an offence to deposit garbage on any land or in any water. Garbage that is decomposable (fish entrails/old food etc) should be taken across the lake and dumped in from the shore. All paper/cardboard garbage should be burned (as long as you are not in a restricted fire zone), and any other products should be put in garbage bags to be brought out of the bush. PLEASE BRING HEAVY DUTY GARBAGE BAGS. Please do not burn food in the fire pit, since this attracts animals including bears.

OPERATION OF RENTAL OUTBOARD MOTORS: The most important function of an outboard motor is the familiarization of the operator using the motor. The first rule is to check to ensure that the motor is secure to the back of the boat. After that ensure that you have adequate fuel and the hose connection from the tank is secure to the motor. There are also a variety of tanks and if there is a gauge on the tank, manufactures will put a breathing hole on the gauge. If the tank has no gauge it must have a breathing device built into the cap. Please open this cap so air will be in the tank. On checkout of a motor with our guests we familiarize them with locations of tilt mechanisms and pins/starting procedures/choke operation/refueling/propeller shear pin location if necessary/ and any little nuances regarding that type of motor. It is relatively fast if all persons are paying attention.  Of course we encourage operators to stay away from the rocks/do not drive in the sand/do not tilt motor up using throttle handle/and if the water is shallow lock motor in the up position at the dock. More damage is caused to boats and motors at the dock than any other location. Usually, these happen in high winds, so please ensure that boats & motors are secure at the dock and protected from rubbing into one another. Good Boats and Motors are a major investment for the operation, and we ask for your concern for proper use.

WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Wilderness recreation is not without risk. There are few or no roads penetrating the wilderness areas we operate in. All guests should be aware of inherent risks associated with a wilderness experience. Ex: operation of mechanical equipment including Boats & Motors/Walking & Hiking/Weather etc.  It is your responsibility as a guest to ensure that you are participating in an appropriate fashion. There are few incidents in the wilderness but a disproportionate # of incidences are related to alcohol and bad weather (wind/lightning etc).  Please note that we carry proper insurance for our aircraft.

George, Jeanne & Joel Theriault and the more than 20 staff that help make your vacation wonderful.