Satellite Phone

Contract 2013

Air Ivanhoe Limited

P.O Box 99

Foleyet, ON, P0M 1T0


Air Ivanhoe has purchased satellite phones for rental purposes. All prices below are quoted in Canadian funds.



One Week Rental of Phone

$125.00 + tax + airtime

Daily Rental of Phone

$ 25.00 + tax + airtime

Airtime calls cost (in-going and out-going )

$3.00 per minute or fraction

      We initially charge the flat rate as a rental fee.

      When the monthly phone bill comes in, we will send you a copy with the charges incurred during the rental time frame.

      The customer is responsible for the phone and any damages incurred.


1.   Camp Equipment Breakdowns

Charges to call the Air Ivanhoe base @ 1-705-899-2155 will be charged to your account unless there is a problem with equipment in the camp that are necessary for a safe and enjoyable vacation.


2.   Expediting Charges

If a party calls us prior to the midweek check trip and orders additional items, there will be an expediting fee of $25.00 for up to 10 items. These items must be available at the seaplane base. A $15.00 charge will be incurred if we need to shop for the requested items. These items must be available in Foleyet. We would simply like to avoid having parties phone us with shopping lists. If this happens, the party will be charged the above costs plus the costs of goods.


3.   Early Departures from Lake:

Please note that charter rates are $405. for a Beaver Aircraft flight for 4 persons and limited gear, reasons include work, sickness, problems at home, slow fishing etc.


4. Phone Operation

We will supply: 1 satellite phone, 1 spare battery, 1 shell case and 1 110 Volt charger. Each battery offers 9 hours of standby mode or 3 hours of outgoing calls. If you intend to leave the phone on for extended periods of time, we recommend a small generator for recharging purposes.


I hereby agree to the contract conditions stated in this document and am bound with my signature for any charges listed below.


Lake Name:


Home Phone:


State/ Prov:


o 613-988-3660 o 613-988-3661 o 613-988-6252 o 613-988-8687

o 613-988-7998

o881651494410 o 881651494411

Rental Date:


Returned Date:


Credit Card #:

Ex/ date:

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